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How does Crystal Fusion™ work?

Crystal Fusion™ bonds with glass at the molecular level. It changes the surface of the glass, increasing its strength and clarity, and decreasing the likelihood of dirt and moisture to cling to it.

Why would I want to use Crystal Fusion™?

Crystal Fusion™ improves driver reaction time by keeping windshields and automotive glass surfaces clearer. It improves visibility during inclement weather, and reduces the likelihood of damage from small road debris. Crystal Fusion™ also allows insects to be easily washed away, and makes ice and snow much easier to remove. It protects against acid rain, corrosion and mineral buildup. It keeps glass looking newer longer and helps you preserve the integrity of your original windshield.

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Is Crystal Fusion™ different from other glass treatment products?

Yes! Crystal Fusion™ technology is not like those coatings that can peel and blister over time. Crystal Fusion™ creates a chemical bond that changes the way the surface responds to anything that could damage or contaminate the glass, making it stronger, more transparent, easier to clean and safer.

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Is there documented proof that hydrophobic coatings work?

Yes! Hydrophobic products have been shown to significantly enhance visibility, according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute - an independent group which found that a treatment applied to the windshield improves visual awareness nearly 34% over an untreated windshield.

Please see Improved Performance / Proven Results.

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Will I still need to clean my glass?

Yes. But you'll get the job done in less time and with less effort.

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How can I keep my glass at peak performance?

A maintenance solution is available free of charge from Crystal Fusion Technologies.

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Will Crystal Fusion™ discolor or peel over time?

No, it won't discolor or peel, and it remains stable under UV Rays.

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Is Crystal Fusion™ environmentally safe?

Yes, the application process is safe for the environment and there's nothing harmful in or on the treated glass.

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